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Chemical Peels

Natural Skin Care Product

Chemical peel are a cosmetic procedure used to improve the appearance of the skin. During a chemical peel, a chemical solution  id applied to the skin, which causes the outermost  layers to peel off. This process stimulates  the growth of new skin cells and can help improve skin texture, reduce fine lines and wrinkles , and even out skin tone.


BioRePeel is a chemical peel that can help with a variety of skin concerns, including acne, aging, and pigmentation. It's suitable for all skin types, colors, and ages, and can be used on sensitive skin because it contains natural ingredients instead of potent chemicals.

Benefits of BioRePeel

  • No downtime.

  • Exfoliating, removing dead skin cells stimulating new skin regeneration.

  • Scars and post-acne marks improvement.

  • Purification and oxygenation of the skin, leaving it moisturized, soft, refreshed, revitalized and clean.

  • Infusion of vitamins and antioxidants without injections/needles.                                                             $300

Glycolic Peel 

This chemical peel can help improve various skin concerns, including uneven tone , fine lines and wrinkle, sun damage, age spots, and hyperpigmentation. They can stimulate  collagen production and promote overall skin rejuvenation.               $250

Salicylic Acid Peel

Get maximum results without irritation. This treatment targets ore congestion, rabidly  removing blockages to help minimize the look of breakouts. This peel exfoliates and refines skin for a visibly rejuvenated appearance. This peel particularly effective for treating acne-prone or oily skin, as it can help unclog pores and reduce inflammation.                                                                          $150

Enzyme Peel

In this organic enzyme peel, natural enzymes derived from fruits, such as papaya or pineapple gently exfoliate your skin. These enzymes break down the proteins that hold dead cells together, allowing them to be easily removed, revealing smoother and brighter skin.  Skin comes out refined and smoothed, firm and plumped and the appearance  of wrinkle depth and fine lines are reduced.                                                                                   $150

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